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Why the text counter does not fit with the length of the wording and/or shows me a lot of empty spaces?
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In this case you should adjust the 'Mask' input field. This is one of the most important settings (see built-in plugin Documentation - Property Names and Descriptions - Mask).

For creating a 'Text Counter' - in this field you need specify number of chars you want to show.

For example:
if you want to show two different labels 'ANNI 132' and then '132 ANNI' - you should use the 'Mask' field and type 7 spaces (132 ANNI = 7 chars).

In the 'Mask' input field you can use '0' or [space] chars as variables (without quotes). '0' and [space] in the mask are replaceable chars transmitted to the counter in the form of the string. Other chars in the mask will be displayed without changes.

For example:
to display time in format 00:00:00 am(pm) it is necessary to use the mask "00:00:00 " (without quotes) and transmit the string "031457 pm" to the counter. For that purpose it is possible to use the mask as "00000000 " but then it is necessary to transmit the string "03:14:57 pm" to the counter

Don't forget to save your created/edited counter.

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