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How do I update my purchased plugin?
Last Updated 5 years ago

When a new update comes out, make sure you read the update description log on the bottom of the plugin’s page at After reading, you can decide if you need the update or not.
If you decide to update, here’s how you can do it:

Update via FTP - This is the safest way. If you have access via FTP to your site files, you can replace the plugin files with the updated ones. Just go to wp-content/plugins/team-showcase and replace the files with the ones on the zip of the updated plugin.

Update via Wordpress Admin - From the tests performed, you can deactivate and delete the plugin on the Plugin’s administration page of Wordpress and upload and active the updated files. This operation should not affect the entries you have already made. However, we recommend the FTP solution, because it’s safer.

Automatic Updates - Consider using the ‘Envato Market’ plugin available here:

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